My Dog Rules

My Dog Rules

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I was in High School with a bunch of friends, one of which was getting married. I was wearing this dress I wore to Home Coming one year, it was a pretty awesome dress. I spent the whole dream being paranoid about wearing a dress. I don't know why we were at school, but my tenth grade Biology teacher yelled at me for no reason. Then another teacher came up to me in the gym, which was actually the gym from middle school with a conspiracy to get the Bio teacher fired.

Then my friend decided to take a bunch of us along with her on her honey moon. I guess the first stop of the honey moon was some amusement park, all I remember was riding the same roller coaster several times. It was really boring. At certain points in the ride you had to get out of the car and switch to a new one. All I remember is sitting next to my friend Victor and that I lost my camera. Luckily when we got out I found it laying by the guy who works the ride. sweet.

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