My Dog Rules

My Dog Rules

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I was in High School with a bunch of friends, one of which was getting married. I was wearing this dress I wore to Home Coming one year, it was a pretty awesome dress. I spent the whole dream being paranoid about wearing a dress. I don't know why we were at school, but my tenth grade Biology teacher yelled at me for no reason. Then another teacher came up to me in the gym, which was actually the gym from middle school with a conspiracy to get the Bio teacher fired.

Then my friend decided to take a bunch of us along with her on her honey moon. I guess the first stop of the honey moon was some amusement park, all I remember was riding the same roller coaster several times. It was really boring. At certain points in the ride you had to get out of the car and switch to a new one. All I remember is sitting next to my friend Victor and that I lost my camera. Luckily when we got out I found it laying by the guy who works the ride. sweet.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Chan Wizards and Old Buddies

Last night I dreamed that I was walking around my best friend from when I was a kid's house. Apparently her parents still lived there, but Chris Chan also lived there. I don't know if he rented a room or what. But I guess I was the female version of Harry Potter, because I had Ron and Hermione with me. I remember my friends mom walking around the house with me showing me what had changed from when we were kids. I remember going to the living room type area that we used to always hang out in. Chris Chan didn't want us to leave, we all had to put on the invisibility cloak and sneak away.

When we finally got away, which was difficult, we made it to a train station. For some reason I thought we were going by the Harry Potter books, and that Ron died in the last one. Fenrir Greyback killed Ron and after I used levicorpus on Fenrir and flew his ass far away.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bing comes through

Fourteen days of clicking cats and one month of waiting botting on Bing has finally paid off.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How do you kill that which has no life?

Walk into your room minding your own business and drop a bottle of Gatorade around that size right on top of your computer case. I can't explain why, but ever since then, my computer has been randomly shutting off and only staying on for short amounts of time. I don't know anything about computer hardware, I can point out a few things inside of a computer but that's about far as my knowledge and skill base go. I opened it up and made sure everything was connected well, said some prayers and tried to turn it on 75,000 times. Finally it managed to stay on all night. Woke up this morning and noticed I shut my headphone cord in the case somehow. I probably couldn't have done that with little effort had I wanted to. Computer, you've always been good to me, but if you keep behaving this way you're heading down a dangerous road.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The highlight of my free stuff carear (until Monday)

Free t-shirt from Black n Mild. So far this is the best free thing I have gotten. I haven't worn it yet so I can't comment on the comfort. But the style THE STYLE, I mean, look at that. There's only one word for it and that's classy. I can't wait to sit on my front porch with a black n mild and a smokers jacket t-shirt.

High School, Cops and Bongs

My memory of this dream is somewhat foggy but I'll give you what I know. I was in High School, apparently I brought a bong with my to school and a teacher ended up confiscating it. Another kid took the blame and actually got the bong back. The details of how I got it back are unclear, but somehow I got it back. Later on I was in the band room trying to play what were apparently our marching band songs for the year. It's pretty weird how I can actually see music and play it in my dreams. After leaving school a couple of my friends and I were in the parking lot. After awhile we decided that we were going to go see Inception later that night. A couple of them were driving away from school when they got into a huge wreck. I ran over to the cars and one of them was catching fire. I pulled my friend out of the burning car and dragged him over to the grass. I went to find help of some sort. I don't know why I didn't use my cell phone. Somehow I came across a police officer but our surroundings had changed and in order to get back to my friends we had to jump over a fence with barbed wire on the top.


hair shot!

Please excuse the terrible picture, I tried, but shiny stuff in a dark room does not photograph well.

My opinion:
Pretty decent

It smells pretty good, but then again most shampoos do. My hair doesn't feel softer than normal, but it doesn't feel less soft. It's probably not worth however much it costs.

But that's just my professional opinion.

Muggles and Vampires, wtf?

A couple days ago I had a dream involving vampires, wizards and the gov'ment. My dad apparently was a muggle, but he was being protected by vampires. The government had sent an assassin to take out his vampire protector. When people showed up looking for the protector I told my dad to hide in the basement, because the news of the vampire's death wouldn't be taken well being delivered by a muggle. A big argument broke out, but eventually they believed me and I woke up. I guess I could do magic, but I sure as hell didn't do any in that dream.

By the way, these were the cool True Blood vampires, and not the lame Twilight ones.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm not a vegetarian but I sure do like stickers!

I don't exactly care too much for PETA but I do like stickers! Some of their messages I can get down with, others, not so much.


I have some pretty crazy dreams and I'm going to start writing them down so I don't forget them and miss out on the opportunity to make an amazing movie some day.