My Dog Rules

My Dog Rules

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Chan Wizards and Old Buddies

Last night I dreamed that I was walking around my best friend from when I was a kid's house. Apparently her parents still lived there, but Chris Chan also lived there. I don't know if he rented a room or what. But I guess I was the female version of Harry Potter, because I had Ron and Hermione with me. I remember my friends mom walking around the house with me showing me what had changed from when we were kids. I remember going to the living room type area that we used to always hang out in. Chris Chan didn't want us to leave, we all had to put on the invisibility cloak and sneak away.

When we finally got away, which was difficult, we made it to a train station. For some reason I thought we were going by the Harry Potter books, and that Ron died in the last one. Fenrir Greyback killed Ron and after I used levicorpus on Fenrir and flew his ass far away.

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